Despite it being our national dish, a recent study shows that around 44 per cent of Scots HATE haggis – proving that it is just as divisive in our home country.

The study found that we actually have a bit of a sweet tooth, as flavours like strawberry, ice cream and coconut topped our flavour list.

Sticky, sugary marzipan leaves a bad taste in our mouths though; just under a third of us hate it, coming second only to Northern Ireland.

But our love of meat hasn't waned – just under half of people claim that they love black pudding, well above the national average of 31 per cent.

A whopping 73 per cent of Scots say that curry is their favourite – the highest out of all the regions.

Aside from food, Russell Brand is cited as the most divisive figure in Scotland, followed by Jeremy Clarkson and the Royal Family.