Buying presents is one of the most stressful elements of the festive season. When even the dog is waiting expectantly for a tartan onesie, the pressure can mount. But even if the space under your tree is looking decidedly bare, don’t panic. Here's our guide to getting all the presents you need on Christmas Eve.

1. If you are too busy filling stockings and peeling potatoes to leave the house, raid your drawers for long-forgotten gifts. Unwanted items that are still in their original packaging can be passed off as thoughtful presents. An unopened Lord Of The Rings Monopoly set may be exactly what your mother-in-law wanted for Christmas. Dusting off the wine rack is another tactic that can pay off. A long-forgotten bottle of Malbec from 2003 could almost be passed off as vintage. Top tip: don’t put it in the same gift-bag you received last Christmas.

2. Any other day of the year, the internet is a beacon of hope for weary gift-givers. Everything from drones to Brussels sprout truffles can be ordered and magically appear the next day. Unfortunately, this is useless the day before Christmas. Clydesiders, however, do have access to Amazon Prime Now, which is available in Glasgow. Virtually anything can be ordered and received within a two-hour window – even on Christmas Eve. According to their website, orders can be placed as late as 9.45pm today (December 24). However, the service comes with a minimum £40 spend.

3. If you do plan to brave the shops, remember that most stores close in the afternoon on Christmas Eve, so go early, to avoid a last-minute trolley race against your neighbour for the last Terry’s Chocolate Orange. Tesco and Sainsburys are both open during their usual Sunday hours on December 24. Glasgow's Buchanan Galleries, Silverburn and Braehead shopping centres are all open from 9am-5pm, as are Dundee's Overgate Shopping Centre and Inverness's Eastgate Shopping Centre. Edinburgh's Cameron Toll and Aberdeen's Union Square Shopping Centre are open 10am-5pm. St Johns Shopping Centre, Perth is open (9am-4pm)

4. Another back-up option is to turn to arts and crafts. Find whatever piping and felt pens you can get your hands on and craft a festive creature. If the creation doesn’t turn out as planned, you can pretend one of your children made it.

5. Sometimes, the “your gift is in the post” excuse just doesn’t cut it. A top tip for avoiding this awkward exchange is to purchase a magazine from the newsagent and gift-wrap it. This buys you enough time to order a subscription and pray that Metal Detecting Monthly will show up on their doorstep in January,

6. Many restaurants are open on Christmas Day, so you still have tomorrow to purchase a gift voucher. Chinese food is a favourite for those who don't want to cook. As a last resort, a lovingly wrapped takeaway bag of spring rolls can be gifted to your nearest loved one.

7. Most Argos stores are open between 10am-4pm on Christmas Eve. If you are in desperate need of a gift for your niece or nephew at 3.45pm, request whatever gadget under £20 they have left in the depths of their storeroom.

8. If you're still stumped, stores such as Primark (open 8am-5pm today) are bound to have a very wide selection of the old faithful: festive socks.