The Bon Accord

153 North Street


What is it - This multi-award winning pub had been on the go for over 40 years and in that time has became one of Glasgow’s best known establishments if beer and whisky is your thing. In the last 14 years it has really been the McDonagh family who took over the bar with a vision to make it one the city could be proud of.

Interesting fact - The term Bon Accord comes from the French for "Good Agreement”. It is more commonly seen and heard in Aberdeen where legend has it that it’s use dates from the Wars of Scottish Independence in the 14th century, when Robert the Bruce and his men laid siege to Aberdeen Castle, before destroying it in 1308 and massacring the English Garrison, retaking Aberdeen for the townspeople. Bon Accord was the secret password used during the campaign.

Verdict - The Bon Accord is a great pub and i love a great pub. People think it is easy to run a place and make it a success but it takes years a passion and dedication to get a regular clientele who will always come back for more. The family here are both passionate and dedicated and it comes through every time you step through the door.

Drink - Its all about the beer and whisky here. Over a year they will have around 800 different beers and ales on offer as well as 400 odd whiskies to choose from. If its old whisky you are into then get a bank loan and give the 70 year old Glenlivet which sits pride of place in their gantry. I tried a new tap they had on called Obsidian Imperial Stout by the Lawman brewery out of Cumbernauld. I was recommended by a member staff and was not disappointed, get some before it runs out. To accompany my stout i opted for a Springbank 14 year old Bourbon Wood, again i wasn't disappointed but i never al from anything that comes from The Springbank Distillery.

Food - The focus on proper pub food here and locally sourced where possible. You can choose from many classic dishes but my go to is the fresh Haddock in crispy batter served with chips & salad for £7.45

Prices - Competitive prices here to keep the locals happy.

Children - Kids are more than welcome in the pub until 8pm but must be dining with adults.

Alfresco - In the summer months you will find a strew of tables and chairs out the front of The Bon Accord and although it is located on one of Glasgow’s busiest thoroughfares you still have loads of room due to the big pavement at this section of the street.

Perfect for - This is my hideaway when ever I'm in this part of town. For me its a place to head straight after work with a good newspaper and settle down with a pint and a couple of drams.

Avoid if - You are more into your plush cocktail bars.