Depending on availability, haddock is on my menu more often that not, such a popular, as an altenative you could use Hake or Coley, either way, you’ll enjoy this recipe, so tasty!!

What I love about haddock is that when cooked, how nice it is when you have these big flakes that are tender and light, enjoy!

Warm smoked haddock and potato salad


2 smoked haddock fillets

¼ pint milk

8 – 10 charlotte potatoes

1 packet chives

1 packet salad

1 packet shallots

100ml vinaigrette


Trim smoked haddock fillets. Cut out bones and make into nice even pieces. Whether you make into one nice piece or slice into batons – it’s up to how you want the dish to look. Place the pieces on a tray with a little milk. On serving, this tray will be placed in the oven to cook.

Place charlotte potatoes in a pot and cover with water and a little salt. Boil until cooked and leave to cool. Depending on your preference either peel or leave skin on potatoes and slice evenly. Place slices on a tray.

Peel shallots then chop finely. Chop chives finely. Wash and dry salad.

Place shallots over potato and put in oven for a few minutes just to heat up.

Once hot, remove from oven and add chives.

Dressing the plate.

Place potatoes at bottom of plate with smoked haddock on top. Dress salad leaves with a little vinaigrette and place over and around the potato and haddock. Drizzle vinaigrette on and around dish for presentation.


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