Tempura and fried prawns, butternut squash puree, sesame soya dressing

You’ll always find prawns in our fridge, even though they don’t last long, but I would say its our family's favourite shellfish, my lot wold eat this dish everyday if they could!!


20 x tiger prawns

1 heaped spoon x sesame seeds

200g x tempura flour

150ml x lime juice

2-3 x butternut squash

50ml x sesame oil

50g x butter

200ml x vegetable stock

50g x soya sauce

50g x honey


Peel, cut in half and deseed the butternut squash then chop into even sized pieces. Put into a wide pot with the butter. Fry off well then add vegetable stock. Cook until well cooked then puree in a blender. Pass through a fine sieve. You should have a nice thick smooth puree. If you need to peel and deshell the prawns, if the head is on you can make a sauce or soup from the heads.

Mix soya, honey, sesame oil and lime juice, check seasoning then add a few sesame seeds.

Mix tempura flour with some water using a whisk so nice and smooth. Dip prawns into the tempura mix then into a fryer getting nice crispy prawns.


Put puree on the base of plate, prawns over and around then drizzle sauce