Broccoli is one of my favourite vegetables and can be picked up in any supermarket all year round. The gorgonzola adds another dimension to the humble soup and tastes so good as it starts to melt with every mouthful, the fresh pear cuts through the salty cheese adding texture and even more depth of flavour. For a perfect vibrant green finish cook the broccoli quickly and cool in ice water!

Serves 6


2 x large heads of broccoli

100g gorgonzola cheese

1 x pear

100ml Double cream




Bring a large pan of water to the boil and season it well. Cut the broccoli into florets and place in the water. Cook the broccoli on a fast heat until it’s just cooked. Ensure you keep the water that you have just cooked the broccoli in.

Plunge the florets into ice water, once cold add them to a blender. Gradually add the water that you have just used and blend until smooth. Be extra careful as the water will be extremely hot adding a few ice cubes as you blend.

Whilst the soup is blending set up a bowl with ice water with another bowl over the ice. Add the cream to the veloute, check the seasoning for salt and pepper and pass through a sieve over the ice bath. This will cool the veloute quickly allowing it to keep its vibrant green colour if you wish to serve later. It’s that simple.

When serving, crumble the gorgonzola cheese into the soup along with slices of raw pear to finish. A perfect soup for any occasion!