A Glasgow company is taking on the world’s largest soft drinks company - by introducing a Scottish twist on Cola.

Alba Cola is made with lightly carbonated Scottish water and mixture of heather extracts to create a unique flavour containing less sugar than major brands.

The drink - packaged in a black can with a golden unicorn motif - is the brainchild of former footballer Chris Ewing and musician Niall Holmes.

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The pair formed the Caledonian Cola Company to offer a new take on the world’s most popular soft drink.

Chris said: “People in France would frequently ask for a cola made from their region over the big brands and I knew there would be a market for the same kind of thing from Scotland with its own wonderful food and drink and culture.”


“Consumers are drinking less alcohol and looking for new premium soft drinks or mixer experiences.  Niall and I got together to develop the brand further and the result is Alba Cola which in our opinion has to be the best looking and tasting cola around.”

He added: “It’s a drink to be shared and enjoyed with friends made using some of Scotland’s best natural ingredients, our untouched water and botanicals from one of our most iconic plants.  They work so well together in a cola.”

The drink, which is also vegan friendly, is currently available in a number of cafes and bars around the country, but is planned to be rolled out to thirsty locals in the new year.

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Niall added: “We are very excited to introduce Alba Cola to the thriving food and drink industry here in Scotland. The reception we are getting when people see and taste it is fantastic.”

“The head chef at the Monachyle Mhor Hotel in Balquhidder serves it with wild lemon sorrel and a Glasgow rum distillery is working on some new Scottish inspired cocktails using Alba Cola for Christmas.”

He added: “It really is such a versatile cola with a refreshing taste and we look forward to seeing what people think of the world’s favourite soft drink reinvented with a premium Scottish twist.”