Champagne Bollinger is celebrating its 40-Year James Bond partnership with two showy bottles. Sam Wylie-Harris investigates.

James Bond's cocktail of choice is a martini - "shaken, not stirred" - but the agent makes no secret of his love of champagne.

In fact, it's the tipple he drinks most of in the Bond books. It is an enduring love affair which dates back to Moonraker in 1979, when Champagne Bollinger became the official champagne of the Bond movies and 007 says: "Bollinger! If it's '69, you were expecting me."

To mark one of the longest stories in cinema, Bollinger have released two limited edition vintages: a 2007 and 2011, both dressed to kill.

Here's what you need to know about each...

1. Bollinger Tribute to Moonraker Luxury Limited Edition (£4,500, Hedonism Wines, coming soon)

A sprinkling of stardust surrounds this super luxe (and very expensive) 2007 magnum and its limited edition run of 407 copies.

As a tribute to Moonraker, designer Eric Berthes (famed for his cutting-edge designs) has created a space shuttle inspired case. Crafted from pewter and wood veneer, this special bottle of bubbly is encased in a Saint Louis crystal ice bucket.

It was unveiled at a glitzy black-tie event at the Hotel de Crillon, Paris where the star-studded guest list included James Bond film producer Michael G Wilson.

What would the world's greatest spy make of it?

"James Bond is a discerning man, he likes the best things in life. He drives the best cars and he drinks the best wines, so I think he would be extremely happy with this vintage, which is one of the best we've been able to make," says Charles-Armand de Belenet, managing director of Champagne Bollinger.

"He would also be very happy to drink a champagne with a Royal Warrant (since 1884) as he is On Her Majesty's Secret Service."

"I think he would especially enjoy the beautiful texture, the style," he adds. "It's a blend of pinot noir (70%) which is powerful and stylish."

2. Bollinger 007 Limited Edition Millesime 2011 (£165, Harvey Nichols)

Great for fizzfanatics and gadget geeks, this (slightly more affordable) champagne is dressed in a glossy black bottle and its smart wooden case opens at the press of a button. It also lists all the previous Bond films, and the collar on the neck resembles a gun barrel.

It's inspired by GoldenEye (1995), when Caroline says to Bond: "James, I want you to stop this car! Stop this car at once!" and Bond yanks the handbrake, the car skids to a complete stop and he opens the dashboard where a bottle of Bollinger Grande Annee 1988 is chilling.

A first for Bollinger, the 2011 vintage is a blend of 100% pinot noir from the grand cru village of Ay, where the House was founded in 1829.

What's the ageing potential if you want to save either of them for a special occasion?

If miraculously you did have the cash to spare to spend on one of these, or just love to dream, for the hedonist in the cellar, Bollinger is built to last.

We were treated to an extremely rare Bollinger 1979 RD which had been maturing in Bollinger's cavernous cellars for 40 years. RD means recently disgorged, so the wine rests under ideal conditions and the recent disgorging gives it a 'second birth.' The contrast of aromas and freshness was outstanding - Bond would approve.

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