We grill the Top Gear presenter about all the important things, like his favourite takeaway.

There's no secret Freddie Flintoff is a fan of food - after all, he once did a whole show called Flintoff: Lord of the Fries, where he lived out his dream of running a fish and chip shop out of a van.

Sadly, the van is out of action, but the ex-cricketer has plenty of other projects to occupy his time. He's done a European road trip with A League of Their Own and is part of the new generation of presenters on Top Gear.

Instagram suggests Flintoff is still finding plenty of time to hit the gym despite his busy schedule, but that doesn't mean he won't indulge in a bag of chocolate buttons every now and again.

We caught up with the cricketer and presenter about what he eats day-to-day...

Your death row meal would be... What am I on death row for? What have I done? Fish fingers, chips and beans.

The thing you still can't make is... I don't cook too often - I get frustrated when I cook an egg and I burst the yolk. One in three I'll ruin.

Your favourite late-night snack is... I love chocolate, I really do. I go to Co-op and it's terrible, because it seems like everything's a pound - these big bags of Buttons and big Dairy Milks. It depends what's on offer - I like a bargain.

You like your eggs... The best way is fried.

Your favourite childhood dinner was... A treat for us as kids was going to the chip shop - mum and dad would get us fish and chips.

Last night you had... I ate a lot last night. I was at the cricket and was in hospitality, so you get a full breakfast and halfway through the first innings I had a pie, then I had lamb and potatoes and a piece of cheesecake. Then my wife hadn't eaten - I wasn't meant to eat at the cricket so I brought an Indian home, but I just picked at that. So I ate a lot yesterday.

If you're ordering takeout, it has to be... Curry - Indian.