Gardening season is back . . .well, it is supposed to be!!

For the last few weeks I have been trying to write this column to get you excited for a season of horticultural highs; to do my best to help you have gorgeous gardens! However, instead I contacted the editor and asked each week if I could delay the column as the weather was too depressing!

Spring though is just around the corner and it is time to get our gorgeous gardens ready, as I am confident that we will have a wonderful spring and summer weather wise, and that the work we embark on now will add to this.

Those of you with greenhouses will no doubt have started filling your seed trays with dahlias, begonias, lobelias and busy lizzies and will know exactly what you are doing, so I won’t pretend to know better!

If growing these seeds though is something that you haven’t tried before then some moist compost, a seed tray and a window sill is a cheap, cautious starting point – just be careful not to over-water!

Again, I would normally be advising to get your lawn ready for the summer with it’s first cut, but attempting to do so in such wet conditions would be very foolish. Instead, take a trip to your local garden centre and pick up some lawn moss killer and plan your fabulous garden with a look at the colourful inspiration on show!

On a personal note I’ve just taken on a new garden centre in Loch Lomond and will be working hard on revamping things – I’m really not sure how my wife puts up with me!

Happy gardening!


This plant is also known as Christmas Rose and is looking particularly great right now. It has the most fantastci large, round, white, bowl shaped flowers. The foliage is the most wonderful shade of dark green, so those blooms really stand out. It is a herbaceous semi-evergreen and appears in late winter or early spring. It prefers a sheltered location from those cold winter winds and moist but well drained alkaline or neutral soil conditions. It does really well in borders and beds – just be sure to remove any faded or damaged foliage regularly and check for any pests. A wonderful addition to any garden at this time of the year.

Colin has been working in the gardening industry for over 30 years and owns 8 Garden Centres across central Scotland and is passionate about Scottish plants.