Pickling is a great way of preserving vegetables but can also bring out a great flavour too. Pickled vegetables work well alongside both fish and meat ingredients as well as on their own. Pickling has been around for thousands of year and is a fantastic way to preserve fruits, vegetables even fish!

Ingredients –

Selection of vegetables

250ml White wine vinegar

400ml water

200g sugar


Coriander seeds

Glass Kilner jars

Other aromatics such as –

Juniper, vanilla, fennel seeds, dill


First ensure your jars are clean and sterilised. Place them through the dishwasher or boil them to make sure they are clean. Next prepare your vegetables. These can be any kind of vegetables you like. Here I have done shallots, cucumbers, baby carrots, fennel and baby artichokes, all of which we will use at the restaurant in the coming weeks.

Place your prepared vegetables into your jars. Bring all of the ingredients to the boil and pour this over your vegetables. Close the lid and seal immediately. Keep the lid closed for around 4 weeks! Once opened keep refrigerated.

Many other vegetables can be pickled also such as cauliflower, onions, rhubarb, courgettes, peppers and mushrooms!

These jars of all colours would be a great talking point on your kitchen shelf!