Check out Cheryl Johnston's top cleaning hacks

1 Cleaning your washing machine

I had been used gel tablets for years, but I had decided to use powder instead. And it came with an added bonus. Over time your washing machine can begin to smell and grime can get caught. I put in some powder directly into the drum and ran it through a 90C wash. I then cleaned everything and it can up great.

2 Dissembling hoover and cleaning parts

My followers went crazy for this one. Not man people know who can take your vacuum cleaner apart. It will be in your manual and if you can't find it, most manuals are online now. I carefully took the hoover apart, the brushes, the filter, and soaked the parts in a lemon scented disinfectant. I put the video online of me people doing it and they loved it. I reassembled it and it was as good as new and you have a lovely fresh aroma as you hoover.

3 Washing winter puffer jackets

I thought I would get ahead and wash my warm winter jackets. So I put them all in the washing machine, but I was in a bit of a panic when I pulled them out as I thought I had ruined them all. The padding had bunched up together. A quick post on my Instagram page for help on what to do and I had the answer. One of my followers suggested putting them in the tumble dryer with three tennis balls. The idea is that the tennis balls will hit against the padding and move it around. And I can tell you it works. The are already vacuum packed and put away for winter.