Products containing CBD (cannabidiol) have flooded the market which means it can be difficult to separate the great from the not-so-good.

Gleneagles is the only hotel in Scotland that offers massage and facial treatments using OTO CBD oil, one of few that uses CBD isolate, which means it is 100% pure and contains absolutely no tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive compound found in cannabis.

The ultimate aim of CBD and indeed massage is to create homeostasis - or balance - in the body with benefits including improved sleep, reduced anxiety and increased energy reported by users.

It is early morning when I arrive at the five-star Perthshire golf hotel, known as the 'Palace in the Glen' which has welcomed celebrities including Friends star Lisa Kudrow, so I opt for the Focus massage, which aims to relax muscles and boost energy.

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Katie, my therapist, explains that the oils are infused with essential oils because the company recognised that people going for a spa treatment don't necessarily want the earthy aroma of the hemp plant and mine is infused with a pick-me-up blend containing peppermint, frankincense, black pepper and ginger.

The treatment involves breathwork and crystals and she has chosen Green Aventurine for me, which is said to have healing properties.

The Herald:

Victoria Beckham says she sleeps with crystals beside her bed because she believes in their 'positive energy' but even if it's not your jam, it's a nice way to begin a massage treatment as she presses the stone gently into the seven main chakras - or energy points - said to be situated from the crown of the head down the spine.

The 80-minute massage treatment incorporates scalp and feet and it's no exaggeration to say it was one of the best I've had in a spa. 

Katie is a skilled practitioner and automatically hones in on the areas where my muscles are almost rigid with tension including office work-wearied shoulders.

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The treatment is painful in quite a few places, including the arches of my feet, a sure sign I've not had a massage in a very long time but she blends the deep-tissue work with lots of soothing effleurage strokes and excellent neck stretches.

Helen Cain, head of spa for OTO says the treatments were developed with the wellbeing of the therapist in mind. Bamboo is used in another treatment to assist tired hands and wrists.

I feel relaxed but not sleepy after the treatment and my brain has stopped mentally replaying to-do lists and worries. 

Helen Cain, spa director for the brand, says for those who take CBD in drops, the common mistake people make is not taking enough.

"You can't just have CBD once. You need to work on it like a vitamin and take it every day," she says.

"It takes about two weeks for the body to go into what is called homeostasis or balance and that's when it starts working with the endocannabinoid system [said to play a role in regulating functions in the body including energy balance, pain and immune response] if you have taken enough and we believe that to be 40-60mg."

The Herald:

To ensure clients get the maximum benefit the treatment also incorporates other OTO CBD products including an eye cream and rollerball on the temples and ends with a refreshing green tea seltzer, infused with peppermint.

I have time to enjoy the hotel spa after slipping back into my towelling robe, which includes an outdoor thermal pool that I'm fortunate to enjoy bathed in June sunshine.

The womens' relaxation room with electric reclining beds and individual lights for perusing glossy mags is the perfect place to chill before I drag myself away for the return train to Glasgow.

That night I have one of the soundest sleeps I've had in months.

Day packages at Gleneagles, including lunch, an 80-minute treatment and use of spa facilities start at £220.