A relaxing massage is as much about the ambience of the room as the muscle-melting strokes.

The (real) sound of Hebridean waves gently lapping against the shore helps quieten my mind before the treatment has begun.

A new experience by Lewis-borne seaweed brand ishga that incorporates sound therapy is now available at the Fairmont Hotel in St Andrews, famously where Kate Middleton first caught the eye of Prince William at a fashion show.

The Herald:

My therapist Caitlin, gently moves her hands down my back over the towel and warms my feet with a hot towel (such a wonderfully grounding feeling) after I have taken a few deep breaths inhaling the trademark lemon and geranium of the brand.

The Sound of the Hebrides treatment begins with a back exfoliation using ishga's Hebridean Sea Salt scrub that is blended with jojoba, thistle and sweet almond.

The Herald:

She is mindful not to rub too hard as the treatment incorporates a hot stone massage that is likely to leave the skin a little more sensitised.

It may be Summer but the healing basalt stones are a welcome addition to the massage. She expertly glides them up alongside my spine and round the shoulder blades, where tension gathers. 

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The Fairmont is a five-star hotel and this is a five-star massage.

The Herald:

It's clear that Cailin has listened during the consultation. The pressure is just right and the stones work their magic on my work-weary trapezius muscles.

She uses ishga's new invigorating oil, created with sustainably sourced Scottish seaweed, which really is a wonder-substance for the skin.

Studies have shown that brown seaweeds accelerate skin cell regeneration, helps reduce the breakdown of collagen and is rich in polyphenol antioxidants which protect against environmental damage.

The Herald:

Seaweed is also known to stimulate the production of hyaluronic acid while our skin recognises seaweed's molecular composition because it's similar to our own.

Ishga has added new oils to the ever-expanding range including muscle recovery oil that contains eucalyptus and peppermint and is now part of my armoury to help prevent running injuries.

After easing out the tension in my back, I flip over onto my back and Caitlin begins the facial part of the 80-minute treatment making sure my knees are supported to protect the lower back.

My skin is double cleansed, toned, exfoliated and moisturised using a plethora of isgha's heavenly scented products including the best-selling Anti-Oxidant Marine Cream, which is renowned for it's anti-aging properties. 

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While the exfoliating face mask is getting to work, she eases the tension out of my hands, arms and shoulders. 

The hotel offers a discounted afternoon tea (£22 instead of £40 p/p with spa day packages on Thursday and  Fridays. Having sampled it, it's a very good offer.

The Herald:

The scones were served with the zestiest home-made lemon curd I've ever tasted - a lovely twist on the usual raspberry or strawberry jam accompaniment.

All treatment packages include full use of the spa facilities, luxurious robes and slippers, and the choice of a nutritious fruit smoothie or chilled glass of Prosecco. 

The Fairmont is a very relaxing hotel to spend time in with its vast atrium, floor-to-ceiling windows and array of comfy couches.

I am left with the feeling you have after a lazy day on the beach, under a parasol, muscles relaxed by the warmth of the sun. 

Caitlin hands me a cup of camomile tea in the cosy relaxation lounge and a bag of samples of products she has chosen for my skin type.

I sleep soundly that night, leaving the therapeutic ishga oils on my skin and hair to make the most of their therapeutic effects.

The Sound of the Hebrides experience is priced £150. www.fairmont.com/st-andrews-scotland/