John Carter (12)

Disney's adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs's Mars-set sci-fi series didn't exactly tank at the box office, but it won't be remembered as a big earner either. Still, it has its fans and may yet find more in this DVD/Blu-Ray debut. Director Andrew Stanton was also the man behind WALL-E and the cast includes Samantha Morton, Ciaran Hinds, Dominic West and Willem Dafoe. Can't be all bad, then.

Hit & Miss (18)

Paul Abbott's dark revenge drama has just finished its run on Sky Atlantic where it gave us the unlikely pairing of England's rainy north-west and up-for-anything US indie queen Chloe Sevigny. Sevigny plays Mia, a pre-op male-to-female transsexual who becomes guardian to a son she didn't know she had, as well as to his half-siblings. Adding to what is already a fairly dysfunctional family unit is the fact that her main source of income is contract killings in the Manchester underworld -

The Message (PG)

Moustapha Akkad's 1976 film about Muhammad comes to Blu-Ray. Akkad made two version of the film – in Arabic and English – and used two different casts. In keeping with Islamic rules about depiction of the prophet, Muhammad is neither seen nor heard, so this English language version is led by Anthony Quinn as Muhammad's uncle, Hamza. Irene Papas and Alain Delon also star and the film was part-financed by Muammar Gaddafi. As a postscript, the Syrian-born Akkad was killed by a suicide bomber in Jordan in 2005. An epic, in every sense.

Falling Skies:

Season One (15)

This highly-regarded US science fiction series was produced by Steven Spielberg and screened on the TNT channel in the US. ER's Noah Wyle stars alongside Drew Roy and Moon Bloodgood (the spunky resistance pilot in Terminator Salvation), and the action takes place in Boston six months after an apocalyptic invasion by insect-like aliens known colloquially as "skitters". If you like the sound of it, season two premieres on the UK's FX channel on Tuesday.

Barry Didcock