THE RSNO'S Monster Music programme has a pedigree of excellence in the introduction of classical music to children.

It was never a formal concert setting: there was always fun, and joining in.

But there are new and fresh brains in the RSNO education and learning departments, as well as a new-ish chief executive who, as we have seen, has made it clear everything in the orchestra's portfolio of activities is up for re-evaluation. Monster Music is no exception.

It has been through an intellectual and educational mincer and emerged in a new, and deeply impressive, form. There is a new presenter in actress Claire Knight, a fantastic storyteller, greatly experienced at working with children, hugely charismatic with pre-school, pre-nursery and the tiniest children. To judge from her performance, including some fine singing in the Teddy Bear's Picnic, this role fits her like a glove. And she's a mean country dancer.

The show has a different orientation: it's more theatrical. It occupies a territory between pantomime, musical and old-fashioned entertainment. And it was an enthralling experience watching Knight leading the children through an animated and interactive setting of Michael Rosen's We're Going on a Bear Hunt, with Christian Kluxen and the RSNO providing accompaniments and incidental music, brilliantly composed and arranged by Andrew Cottee.

Popular bits of Tchaikovsky, Rimsky-Korsakov and others sneaked discreetly into the frame, but this was a new concept, with a fresh and seamless presentation.