The Stand 4
Until Aug 25 (excluding Aug 12) Three stars
There are moments when the polemical feminist at the heart of Nadia Kamil becomes so weirdly intense she’s in danger of making her audience feel uncomfortable, not by the points made but by the manner in which they’re delivered. But, in her first solo show, she also knows when to pull back on the gender politics: she gets a warning blast on the Whimsy Siren, and it’s over to something very silly indeed. 
In the course of an hour Kamil quotes Kurt Vonnegut and references Georgia O’Keeffe; she also passes herself off as a cutesy unicorn by sporting a droopy party hat. Best is when this Welsh-Iraqi crashes together both ends of her cultural spectrum and places the intellectual stuff within a dafter context: the smear test hip-hop rap, the burlesque strip that reveals layer after layer of sloganeering
Bonus points for the inventive audience participation via interruptions delivered by envelope.