Let's talk about sex. In fact, let’s talk about sex in uncomfortably graphic detail that’s shaded by upfront confessionals, sly human insight and a line-in-the-sand attitude to internet pornography. Not to mention some top-volume laugh-out-loud moments that echo long into the Edinburgh night.
Brett Goldstein has been on this territory before: literally, as a rising star on the Edinburgh calendar; and artistically, with his true-life tales from past visits about being left to run his dad’s strip club in Marbella.
Here he tops and tails his 2013 show with disclosures about his use of porn, but the meat of the matter is an extended story about the time he studied acting in New York a decade ago – the year that Manhattanites believed the world was about to end when the city went into blackout.
It’s a masterclass of content and timing, the supporting characters vividly drawn, the horny-but-strangely-moral central perspective perfectly capturing the dilemmas of this not-so-innocent abroad.