ONE story, but in two cleverly age-appropriate versions, is the inspired concept behind Tiger/Tiger Tale, the latest spirited escapade from Barrowland Ballet.

That story focuses on a family where Mum and Dad have lost all connection with each other and this malaise is now affecting their little girl. Oh how she hankers for fun, maybe even something wild and strange to burst in and make everyone happy again.

And that is exactly what happens when Dad (Vince Virr) morphs into a growly-prowly Tiger, his sharp orange suit and agile mischief-making ways every bit as zesty as the oranges he bites into with such delight.

Youngsters watching Tiger Tale (for the 6+ age group) totally latched on to what choreographer Natasha Gilmore and writer Robert Alan Evans had in mind. Seated on all four sides of the 'cage' - with cats-cradle meshes of string instead of bars - they were close enough to smell the citrus fruit, to jump with surprised delight as the overhead buckets swung into play, and to read the changing body language of the characters as Virr's mysterious, feral presence unlocked a united joy (all mirrored in the gorgeous energies of Kim Moore's live musicianship).

Tiger (for age 14 and over) expanded on this scenario with a section that revealed the sexual tensions between the couple and here, as at every stage of both productions, the dancers - with Kai-Wen Chuang as the Mum, Jade Adamson as the daughter - gave high-octane performances, making the thrilling complexities of choreography, look effortless.