A Scots moviemaker has won an ultra-short filmmaking challenge with his latest offering inspired by the creator of the atom bomb.

Will Anderson, 25, from Edinburgh, was named as the winner of 9.88 Films, a challenge supported by Channel 4 and Creative Scotland and part of the Glasgow 2014 Cultural programme, today. His film uses shadow animation to tell the story of warfare from the earliest days of mankind to the atomic bomb.

Second place went to filmmaker Dave Young for his tale about a friendship between two groundsmen at a rugby club, while 24-year-old MHM Mubassir, a biotechnology student at Bangladesh Agricultural University, took third place with Dependence, a movie about a young boy's fear of the dark. The student award was given to Kazi Ali Tamaddun, who attends the Institute of Business Administration at the University of Dhaka, for his film The Last Act.

The winning films will be shown at screening events around the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games and on Channel 4.

Anderson, who won a 2013 Bafta for Best Animated Short his graduation film from Edinburgh College of Art, The Making of Longbird, said his film was inspired by a quote from atomic bomb inventor J. Robert Oppenheimer.

Watch the winning films below

The filmmaker, who premiered his latest short, Monkey Love Experiments, at the Edinburgh International Film Festival on Sunday, said: "I felt a certain responsibility as a filmmaker living in Scotland, to have a go at entering 9.88. I really didn't expect to win.

"I'd been thinking a lot about short films - so many of them can simply be a bit of action, or just a moment of time. I was thinking about what would make it into a film - how could I get some character into it, how I could make it about something, or express myself properly in such a short time.

"I was inspired by the quote of the man who invented the atom bomb "I am become death, destroyer of worlds". It seemed like the biggest thing I could talk about in the smallest amount of time.

"Your creativity can really flourish when you have a very tight brief and a very tight space to work within; when you put up barriers and boundaries. When you can do anything, it's almost impossible.

"That was the great thing about the challenge - it really made you think about what you can say in hardly any time whatsoever."

The winning films were selected from a shortlist of 20 by a panel of high profile jurors including Coky Geidroyc, Iain Smith OBE and Beeban Kidron.

Talking about Anderson's film Kidron, director of InRealLife and Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason, said: "To tell such a big story with such elegance is impressive. It does a lot of heavy lifting, but with amazing simplicity."

Stuart Cosgrove, director of creative diversity at Channel 4 and chair of the jury panel for 9.88 Films said: "With such a breadth of talent in the shortlist, choosing our eventual winners couldn't have been anything other than a huge challenge. Those we picked share common characteristics: they move you, enthral you and make you want to watch again.

"Will Anderson's winning film blew everyone away. The storytelling skill, and lightness of touch with such a huge theme was fantastic to see. And at the other end of the spectrum, MHM Mubassir's Dependence was almost portraiture - a study in calm, sparse, confident and simply beautiful storytelling.

"Groundsman was a wonderful example of a well-rounded and warm documentary in just a few seconds, while The Last Act was incredibly complex and meaningful. As with so many of the entries, it was amazing to think that all this was conveyed in just 10 seconds."

Destroyer of Worlds - Will Anderson

Groundsman - Dave Young

Dependence - MHM Mubassir

The Last Act - Kazi Ali Tamaddun