Verdict: two stars.

Has David Guetta got bored of playing his own records?

It would certainly seem so if his set at the Summer Sessions in Glasgow's Bellahouston Park on Saturday night was anything to go by.

When the superstar French house DJ rolls into town, you expect big things.

After all, his sound over the last few years has had some of the world's biggest popstars forming an orderly queue behind his decks.

"David Guetta featuring" has been the prefix for the likes of Rihanna, Akon and Usher.

Yet it was those hits that catapulted his name out of the shores of Ibiza that he bizarrely decided to omit from his one hour, 30 minutes set.

There was no Sexy Chick, Whose that Chick? - yeah he seems to like the word chick - or Without You.

The night started off promising though with a set from Swedish House Mafia's Steve Angello and a plethora of DJs who have not quite achieved the same level of notoriety as Angello,

Dropping hit Knas reminded the crowd why Angello is a talent in his own right but it was SHM hits Leave The World Behind and Save The World that really got the crowd - bouncing.

Yes, bouncing...remember it was a rave in a park - there is always bouncing.

It was then Guetta's turn and he started off well with newer hits Shot Me Down and Bad.

It might have been Tiesto who filled dancefloors over the summer with his remix of John Legend's All of Me.

But Guetta spun his own version of the track which reminded the crowd why he is one of the best producer's around.

The set then became bland with all the usual suspect dance hits filling up the Guetta Sandwich.

From Showtek to Calvin Harris - it was all the same songs that dance fans have been hearing over and over for the last year.

Things started to pick up though as Guetta showed off his production capabilities again by belting out hits Titanium and She Wolf.

But the elevated feeling left by those tracks was short-lived as Guetta played Oasis' Wonderwall.

We get it, we are in park, people are wearing wellies, it is sort of like a festival - but really there is a time and place - and this wasn't it.

There is no denying Guetta is one of the best producers around - but that doesn't always necessary translate to the decks.

Unlike most DJs he has a back catalogue of hits to choose from, yet his set featured more tracks from his contemporaries.

It was tired, unimaginative - and left me thinking it is time Guetta goes back to the studio for a bit to work up some new hits.