Stevie Jones can really play guitar.

On this immersive, rambling, clattering and often-gorgeous record, Jones - the co-founder of El Hombre Trajeado, who has also worked with Arab Strap and RM Hubbert among others - produces a record with a super-talented collective of his own. The album is largely instrumental, barring the sweet singing found on Caiman, and the tracks form a perhaps suitably oceanic ebb and flow. There is guitar, beautifully played by Jones, as well as flute, cello, woodwind, harmonica and even a musical saw amid the ramshackle splendour, as well as some lovely wordless harmonies on Iguacu. Other talents on this intricately woven tapestry of sound - gently psychedelic, perhaps slightly improvised, folk and jazz - are Stevie Jackson from Belle And Sebastian, Teenage Fanclub's Norman Blake, tremendous drummer/percussionist Alex Neilson, musician Aby Vulliamy and artist Kim Moore. A "brocken spectre" is the halo-crested shadow cast by hill climbers on clouds, backlit by the sun. This excellent record may not be so overtly dramatic, but like that phenomenon, has its remarkable moments.

Phil Miller