In 2013, close on the heels of her fine graphic novel The House That Groaned, Fransman went off for a week in the country with her old student gang.

The plan was that, while attempting to recapture the camaraderie of their university years, they would each write and draw a story on the theme "Death of the Artist" for Fransman later to collect into a book. Though the styles range from childlike poster-paint images to a story indebted to 1960s underground cartoonists and Betty Boop creator Max Fleischer, the strips are unified by the fact that they all focus on the group themselves and their long-standing friendship, simultaneously celebrating and mourning their own youth. Seeing the same set of relationships through five sets of lenses, not all of which agree, is intimate and poignant, like reading a series of old letters, and as we approach the end the aptness of choosing "Death of the Artist" as a theme becomes chillingly apparent.