In his childhood, 30-year-old Campbell Johnstone was pals with a girl called Eve Sadler.

Now he works in a pub and Eve is a star of the big screen. When she comes to Glasgow to film scenes for a Morgan Freeman film, Campbell looks her up. But there's more to this than just the desire to reconnect with an old friend. A sense of underachievement permeates Campbell's life and his first-person narration, and he wants this reunion with Eve to turn his life around in some manner. Which it does, but not in a way he could ever have imagined. A chilling and hard-hitting first novel, The Last Treasure Hunt is a cautionary tale about living a lie in a media-moulded world where conventional morality is abandoned and managing perceptions is all that matters. Having no idea how his conduct is going to look to other people, Campbell is tailor-made to be chewed up and spat out by it.