Clouds of Sils Maria (15)

four stars

Dir: Olivier Assayas

With: Juliet Binoche, Kristen Stewart

Runtime: 124 minutes

THE tale of an ageing actress revisiting a play from her salad days, Olivier Assayas's drama is a very luvvy affair, but don't let that put you off. In its favour is a trio of actresses, Juliet Binoche (as the diva in repose), Kristen Stewart (her assistant) and Chloe Grace Moretz (the youthful usurper), any one of which would be worth turning out for. Together, they front a beautifully shot, many layered piece about the wisdom and regrets of age and the impatience of youth.

A Royal Night Out (12A)

two stars

Dir: Julian Jarrold

With: Sarah Gadon, Emily Watson

Runtime: 97 minutes

VE Day 1945 and young Margaret and Elizabeth want to join in the celebrations. Only trouble is they are princesses, don't cha know. What is a girl to do but go out incognito and have the lark of their lives? With its mix of comedy, romance, and a teensy bit of class politics, Julian Jarrold's caper tries for a tone that is part Ealing comedy, part Brief Encounter, but fails on both counts. While an outing certainly took place, this film takes poetic licence to some very silly places. Sarah Gadon, playing the monarch in waiting, makes her mark though.

Lambert and Stamp (15)

four stars

Dir: James D Cooper

Runtime: 117 minutes

A MUST for all Modfathers out there, or anyone who fances a swagger down Sixties memory lane. Kit Lambert and Christopher Stamp, the former posh the other an east end boy, wanted to be filmmakers. They had an idea to film a young, up and coming band, then one thing led to another and the rest is the history of The Who, good times, bad times, and all. With talking heads from Roger Daltrey to the Stamp brothers (Chris and Terence), James Cooper's documentary comes into its own when charting the thornier periods, but there are a laughs, and a lot of affection for times past, too.

Cameo, Edinburgh, May 19; Belmont Filmhouse, May 29-June 1; Mareel, Lerwick, May 29-June 4; Glasgow Film Theatre, June 7-8; Filmhouse Edinburgh, June 8-12 and June 14.