Five Stars

Given her recent victory over Apple, it's tempting to conclude that this is Taylor Swift's world and we're all just renting space in it. Yet if the pop mega shows of Beyonce or Rihanna encourage fans to look up to a pop super heroine, then Swift's first Glasgow appearance was all about her being the friend dispensing advice, even while in a Chicago style outfit or, for a couple of tunes, garb that resembled Gozer at the end of Ghostbusters.

Her chat was all about friendship and empowerment (plus obligatory mentions of loving Scottish people), a vibe even carried over into the costume change interludes, with videos clips from the likes of Lena Dunham talking up female friendship. That could have been saccharine, but this was a extremely well paced show that cut no corners on glitz.

The stage set provided some varied backdrops, notably a terrific Singin In The Rain inspired second act, while the walkway into the crowd rose and spun around during acoustic sing-a-long You Are In Love and a revamped Love Story, one of a handful of older tracks cleverly restyled to suit Swift's newly fledged pop status. I Knew You Were Trouble now boasted a devilish hue and We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together was a stomping rocker.

1989, however provided the set's bulk. There was the odd vacuous moment, such as the bland I Know Places, but the majority consistently reaffirmed Swift's songwriting talent, from the exuberant 80s movie styled I Wish You Would to This Love's classy swoon and a thumping Out of the Woods. It was a cavalcade of earworm tunes, with Shake It Off delivering pop brilliance from a woman in complete control.