TV adventurer Bear Grylls has said he relies heavily on his faith as he does not feel he is strong enough on his own.

"I try to start every day by kneeling down and saying, 'Lord Jesus, I ain't got it all right, and I'm nervous about today," he told Radio Times.

"I will give it my all, but will you help me? It's never more complicated than that. I probably don't go to church enough, but my faith is a quiet, strong backbone in my life, and the glue to our family."

Grylls recently embarked on a once in a lifetime mission with US president Barack Obama at his side.

Obama is to venture into the Alaskan wilderness with Grylls for a television programme exploring the impact climate change is having on the environment.

Presidential escapades aside, Grylls also has a new ITV series up his adventurer sleeve.

Britain's Biggest Adventures will see him taking a journey of discovery around England.

Away from the limelight he says it took him a while to "summon up the courage" and talk publicly about his faith.

However, he did stress to Radio Times he has "no problem at all with gay marriage" and distinguishes between personal faith and wider religious doctrine.

"I really struggle with religion just because it's the source of so much conflict and disunity," he says, adding, "The heart of Christianity is just about saying, 'I need help, and will you be beside me?' And I don't think anyone has a problem with that."

"What they don't want is religion - and I totally get that."