Miss You Already (12A)

three stars

Dir: Catherine Hardwicke

With: Toni Collette, Drew Barrymore

Runtime: 112 minutes

CATHERINE Hardwicke’s comedy drama could be filed under that cringeworthy industry category, “chick flick”. Yes, its leads are female, the subject matter of breast cancer and IVF ditto, and there are, be warned, outbreaks of drunken dancing. But the two leads are the no-nonsense Drew Barrymore and there is a waspish script by Morwenna “Absolutely” Banks in its favour.

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Roger Waters The Wall (12A)

three stars

Dirs: Sean Evans, Roger Waters

Runtime: 155 minutes

THE Pink Floyd frontman delivers a film that is part concert movie, and part an episode of Who Do You Think You Are? as he traces the lives of his father and grandfather through the 20th century. For fans, add a star. For those who cannot bear Another Brick in the Wall - we don’t need no educashun refrain et al - take a star off.

Glasgow Film Theatre and Cameo, Edinburgh, September 29

Addicted to Sheep (PG)

four stars

Dir: Magali Pettier

Runtime: 86 minutes

MEET the Hutchinsons - mum, dad, three children, and a whole lot of prize Swaledale sheep - as documentary maker Magali Pettier spends a year in the North Pennines following the family’s life. There was a danger here that Pettier could have made a glossy film for townies in search of escapism, but she does not shy away from showing the downsides of the farming life.

Playhouse, Perth, plus Q&A, September 26; Cameo, Edinburgh, September 27, plus Q&A

Just Jim (15)

three stars

Dir: Craig Roberts

With: Craig Roberts, Emile Hirsch

Runtime: 84 minutes

IT only seems like five minutes since Craig Roberts was playing a schoolboy in Submarine. Now he’s directing a picture himself, “A Craig Roberts film” no less. Just Jim, with Roberts as Jim, is another coming of age tale, this one enlivened by the appearance of Emile Hirsch as Jim’s cool new neighbour and mentor. Slight.

Cameo, Edinburgh, from tomorrow; Glasgow Film Theatre, October 6-8