The Intern (12A) Two stars

Dir: Nancy Myers With: Robert De Niro, Anne Hathaway Runtime: 121 minutes

FROM the director of The Holiday and It’s Complicated comes another serving of comedy froth. Robert De Niro plays Ben, a retired salesman who becomes an intern at an online fashion retailer run by Jules, a working mother (Anne Hathaway) who is so darn busy she has to ride a bike around the office. At first Jules thinks that Ben is a joke, but what do you know, there’s wisdom to be had from the old dogs if one just gives them a try. The Brooklyn setting looks fabulous, with everyone living a glossy mag lifestyle, but nothing about the situation rings true and the comedy is cavity-causing sweet.

Solace (15) Three stars

Dir: Afonso Poyart With: Anthony Hopkins, Colin Farrell Runtime: 101 minutes

ANTHONY Hopkins plays a psychic in this fairly bonkers serial killer thriller. John Clancy can see the future, the past, and replay the moment of death frame by frame. None of yer “knock once for yes, twice for no” stuff for Clancy. He’s an enormous help to the police department, but this time even Clancy might have taken on too much. Director Afonso Poyart likes his visual metaphors - I stopped counting shots of items smashing to the ground when the tally reached double figures - and the picture is pure hokum in parts. But then nobody brings a touch of class to nonsense quite like Hopkins, an actor who can make the most bizarre of lines seem plausible.

99 Homes (15)

Four stars

Dir: Ramin Bahrani With: Michael Shannon, Andrew Garfield Runtime: 112 minutes

GLOBAL recession receives the up close and personal treatment in this electrifying drama from Ramin Bahrani. Andrew Garfield plays Dennis, who has his home repossessed by flash estate agent turned merciless repo man Rick Carver (Michael Shannon, Boardwalk Empire). Carver sees something in Dennis and offers him a job. It takes a strong stomach, though, to make money out of misery. Tight as a drum writing and terrific performances from Garfield, Shannon, plus Laura Dern as Dennis’s mother, represent a solid investment of your time.

Glasgow Film Theatre and Filmhouse, Edinburgh, till October 8