Ben Stiller says he would have loved David Bowie to appear in Zoolander No 2.

Bowie had a cameo role in 2001′s Zoolander as the judge of a fashion “walk off” between male models Derek Zoolander (Ben Stiller) and Hansel (Owen Wilson).


Speaking at the screening of the sequel in London’s Leicester Square, Ben paid tribute to the musician, who died last month.

He said: “He was a huge influence on so many people, I think on our culture, in the last 40, 50 years – when you go back and look at how long he was making music and how ahead of the curve he always was and always taking chances.

“So I think I’m like everyone else – influenced by him in that way.

Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson on the Zoolander No. 2 red carpetBen Stiller and Owen Wilson on the Zoolander No 2 red carpet (Joel Ryan/AP)


“And it would have been great to have him in the second one.

“But having him in the first was a very special thing, and I will always cherish that.”

Ben Stiller on the red carpet for Zoolander No. 2 (Matt Crossick/PA)Ben Stiller on the red carpet for Zoolander No 2 (Matt Crossick/PA)


In the 2001 movie, David lays out the rules of the competition and adjudicates, choosing Hansel as the winner when he manages to remove his underwear without taking his trousers off.

Zoolander No 2 features cameos from stars including Benedict Cumberbatch, Justin Bieber, Sting, Olivia Munn and Ariana Grande.