Pink Martini

Je Dis Oui!

Wrasse Records

IT would certainly be foolish to assume that the pride of Portland, Oregon intends any comment on Scottish politics with the title of this new diverse collection of music, but if Yes voters are attracted to it for that reason, they will not be disappointed. In keeping with the voting in a more recent referendum, Pink Martini is truly global in outlook with credits for university professors of Armenian, Arabic and Portuguese all credited in the booklet for their guidance on correct lyrical pronunciation. Regular vocalists China Forbes, Storm Large and Ari Shapiro are joined by Kathleen Sadat, Ikram Goldman and Rufus Wainwright, whose version of Rodgers and Hart's Blue Moon is possibly the most straightforward inclusion on the disc, given a lovely simple arrangement by bandleader Thomas Lauderdale.

But the really clever thing about Lauderdale and his huge cast of associates is that however esoteric and deserving of close attention their material, it is always easy listening (in the best sense of the phrase) if that is what you are looking for at the time. Just to prove the exquisite taste on display, three of the original songs feature in a new movie starring the wonderful Isabelle Huppert, Souvenir.

Keith Bruce