Rampage (12A) **

Dir: Brad Peyton

With: Dwayne Johnson, Naomie Harris

Runtime: 107 minutes

NOW, I may have imagined this, but this week I went to a press screening of a film in which Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson played a primatologist whose favourite subject, an albino gorilla called George, comes into contact with a chemical cocktail that turns him into a beast that would have Kong whimpering in fright. A wolf also drinks the stuff (made by an evil capitalist corporation), as does an alligator. So that’s a giant gorilla, a 60ft tall wolf, and an alligator as long as Great Western Road, all heading for a showdown with humanity with only the Rock, and sidekick Naomie Harris, to stop them. Like I said, I may have imagined it.

You, Me and Him (15) **

Dir: Daisy Aitkens

With: Lucy Punch, Faye Marsay, David Tennant

Runtime: 98 minutes

WHAT a bizarre film of two halves from writer-director Daisy Aitkens. Lucy Punch (Motherland) and Faye Marsay (McMafia) want to have a baby, but it’s complicated, even more so when recently divorced nerdy neighbour John (David Tennant) becomes involved. Produced by Georgia Moffett (Tennant’s actor wife), You, Me and Him is largely content to play things as a barely amusing daffy comedy, the kind of thing you would find on the wider reaches of satellite TV. Had it stuck to this course, it would have been a cheery enough misfire; alas, it does not. One for Tennant superfans only.

Out Tuesday