Eaten by Lions (15) ***

Dir: Jason Wingard

With: Jack Carroll, Antonio Aakeel

Runtime: 94 minutes

HERE’S that rare but joyful thing, a British comedy with some decent laughs. Seriously. Half-brothers Omar and Pete are on a mission to Blackpool to find Omar’s real dad. Along the way they meet a strange landlord (Johnny Vegas), a fortune teller, and a girl with pink hair. That’s just for starters. The Benidorm-style humour hits the mark almost every time, while Jack Carroll (Britain’s Got Talent) and Antonio Aakeel are a terrific pair of likely lads.

Today, Saturday 23 June, 13.15, Cineworld Fountainpark

Searching (15) ***

Dir: Aneesh Chaganty

With: John Cho, Debra Messing

Runtime: 101 minutes

ANEESH Chaganty’s whipsmart thriller starts on a computer screen and stays there. Other films have done similar but not as successfully. John Cho plays the widowed father who cannot escape from his prison of grief for long enough to see his daughter is suffering too. When she fails to come home, dad goes in search of answers. Chaganty’s picture pushes its luck too far, but Cho is outstanding as a distraught dad. You’ll never look at computers quite the same again.

The Secret of Marrowbone (15) **

Dir: Sergio G Sanchez

With: George MacKay, Mia Goth

Runtime: 111 minutes

KEEPING secrets is the name of the game in this Spanish made supernatural chiller. George Mackay (Sunshine on Leith) is the eldest boy in the family and the head of the household as the family tries to start a new life. But have they left the past behind? Sergio G Sanchez tries all the usual ways to scare audiences seven ways till Sunday, and one or two work. But a confused tale, erratically told, means the whole endeavour collapses part way through.