What's the story?

The Big Yin.

You don't mean …

The legend that is Sir Billy Connolly.

What's he been up to?

A new six-part BBC Scotland series, which begins this week, will see the beloved comedian reflect on his life and career, covering far-reaching subject matter from shipyards to sex, religion, class and politics.

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Sir Billy will delve into the archives, revisiting some of his classic routines, groundbreaking stand-up material and most infamous interviews, as well as sharing some lesser known treasures, such as long-forgotten documentary footage.

Tell me more.

The opening episode covers his childhood and growing up in post-war Scotland, reminiscing about the freedom that children of his generation had to roam wild – but also the strict discipline they faced from teachers who were still able to give the belt.

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He must have some cracking tales. What a legacy.

As the man himself says: "While I might have been shocking, I never set out to shock, I just did what I thought was funny, but looking back I can see that by sending up what was around me at the time, I might well have ended up breaking down barriers and taking on the odd taboo."

When can I watch?

Billy and Us begins on BBC Scotland, Thursday, 10pm.