A Scottish financial advisor is helping bereaved relatives find their loved ones lost assets one forgotten investment at a time.

Expert Lucy Logan, of Calderwood Financial, Edinburgh, has helped many clients all over Scotland find money that has been lost in the ether pensions or life insurance policies. Billions of pounds of unclaimed financial assets lie in old UK bank accounts, pensions, and investments, according to recent reports from the world of finance.

So, whether the account is yours or has belonged to a relative who has passed away, it's worth finding out if you have any lost funds out there.

Lucy said: “I have helped many new clients trace lost pensions and insurance policies, but it wasn’t until I joined the charity Widowed & Young, following the passing of my own husband in 2021 that I truly started to appreciate how much of a big a problem this is for those who have been bereaved.

“It is not unusual for new clients to have lost track of their assets and, having procrastinated for years, they don’t know where to start looking."

Add in the trauma of bereavement, and that your loved one isn’t here to help guide the search, finding lost assets becomes extremely difficult and with the transition to paperless, this may be an even harder mission.”

Lucy explains what WAY is and how you can go about securing any lost funds.

She said: “WAY is a UK charity that offers a peer-to-peer support network for anyone who's lost a partner before their 51st birthday – married or not.”

It’s thought there could be as much as £50 billion in total in lost bank and building society accounts, Premium Bonds, pensions, investments and insurance policies – collectively these are referred to as lost assets or lost accounts.

Lucy explained: “Over the years, it is likely that a person will accrue multiple pension and insurance policies which will sit with different providers and can be hard to locate. Accessing these funds can provide security for someone who has had their life shattered and it’s great to share good news at a dark time. Finding funds doesn’t change what has happened but it helps.”

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