Baby Wants Candy and Thrones! The Musical discuss Game of Thrones, crepes and improvised raps.

Tell us about your Fringe show

We have two: Baby Wants Candy, which is a completely improvised musical with a full band. Our other show is "Thrones! The Musical", a loving, raunchy scripted parody of Game of Thrones, with a completely original score and loads of gore.  I love doing Baby Wants Candy because it's brand new every night and I get a chance to perform with some of the best improvisors in the States.  And Thrones is so fun because we all love GoT so much, and we get to play some of our favourite characters.

Best thing about the Fringe?

The chance to do a show for a month for some of the most boisterous audiences around. 

Worst thing about the Fringe?

Trying to find food that won't give me an insta-heart attack.

How many years have you been coming to the Fringe?

This is our 10th Fringe!

Favourite Fringe venue?

Assembly Hall.

Best Fringe memory?

We used to go to the Crepe truck and improvise raps about their special crepes of the day.  If they liked the raps, they would give us free crepes.

Best heckle?

I'd rather see Bill my bedroom.

Craziest on stage experience?

Rolling off stage as Stephen Hawking.  I was in a wheelchair and couldn't look down.  I misjudged the angle of the chair and took a horrible dive into the audience.  Since Dr. Hawking can't move, I figured I shouldn't either. I did have the wherewithal to say "Uh oh" in his robotic voice as I spilled into the front row.

What’s on your rider?

Irn Bru.

How do you wind down after a show?

We head over to Assembly Gardens. It's a great place to chill out, get some food and drinks and do bits with each other. 

Last year, we used to go to the Ceilidh Dance all the time after our show, which was so much fun, but not really good for winding down and chilling out, except in a crystal meth way.

What do you love about Scotland?

The Highlands, the accents, the history.

What do you like about Edinburgh?

Mary King's Close Tour of the underground city, Piemaker, Arthur's Seat, Forbidden Planet

What’s the most Scottish thing you’ve done?

Ceilidh Dancing. It captured all the insane lovable ridiculousness of the Scottish.

What kind of jokes do a Scottish crowd seem to respond to?

Luckily, our heady combination of complete high brow and ultra- low brow seems to really amuse Scottish audiences.

Favourite joke?

True story. Two leprechauns are walking down the streets of Dublin, arguing vehemently with each other. Father O'Malley approaches and asks if he can help them settle their dispute. The leprechauns agree, and the first leprechaun asks the priest if there is such thing as a leprechaun nuns. Father O'Malley replies "No, my friends, there are definitely no such thing as a leprechaun nun." So the first leprechaun turns to the other and says "See. I told ya.  You were shagging a penguin."

Baby Wants Candy will perform at Assembly George Square Studios from August 10-30.

Thrones! The Musical will perform at Assembly George Square Studios from August 10-31.