Mother’s Day (12A)

two stars

Dir: Garry Marshall

With: Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson

Runtime: 118 minutes

WOMEN! Fear being lost and lonely while the menfolk tune in to Euro 2016? What do you mean you will be watching as well? But Garry Marshall, helmer of ensemble mush-fests Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve has gone to all the trouble of creating something just for you. Jennifer Aniston and Julia Roberts are among those with tales to tell of estranged mothers, replaced mothers, and all sorts of other varieties, as families gather to celebrate the special day of the title. There are a couple of nicely barbed lines, but this is a film so syrupy on the whole you may want to keep hold of that empty popcorn bucket lest nausea strikes.

Hamish (PG)

four stars

Dir: Robbie Fraser

Runtime: 88 minutes

WHAT a life Hamish Henderson led. Poet, soldier, intellectual, activist and musician, the man who wrote “Freedom Come All Ye”, he could probably fill five documentaries. Director Robbie Fraser has just one, but he makes the most of it with contributions from family and friends and superb use of archive footage. What is striking is the longevity of Henderson’s friendships, most of them running into decades. A man once met, never forgotten.

Glenelg June 10, Robert Burns Centre Dumfries July 10-12. With Screen Machine: Lochmaddy June 11, Daliburgh June 16, Liniclate June 19, Tarbert (Harris) June 21, Fort Augustus July 1, Fort William July 2, Lochaline July 7.