Favourite Food

I can’t answer that. To have one favourite would be so unoriginal. I like to try lots of different foods on loads of different days. Hitchcock once said “Having a style was self plagiarism.” I really love that thought.

Best Advice received

You’re not responsible for other people’s happiness. I got this from CBT and it helped because I used to think I was. It doesn’t mean you’re allowed to be a d*** though. I only did about five sessions but it changed my life. When you understand, for example, why you back off from confrontation, you can deal with it. Now if I back off it’s because I choose to. Knowledge is power. And it helped with my anxiety. I can work it out and put it away.

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Worst Advice Received

You have to pick one thing and do it well. It’s not true and it closes so many doors.

Ideal Dinner Party Guests (Can be dead or alive)

Piers Morgan, preferably dead. Only joking. I would have Christopher Hitchens, Hitchcock and my grandpa, who would love that I’m working on the Broons at the moment.

Biggest Influences

My mum and dad, because they never told me to go and get a proper job. And Francie and Josie, two men who could hold an audience in the palm of their hands. I learned comedy and timing from watching Glasgow variety.

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Favourite Holiday Destination

I don’t really like holidays. I get bored. I can’t lie there and I have to justify the point of being there. I thought skiing could work for me, to take my head away, but the first time I tried it I tore knee ligaments. But I love five a side football. I need it. It’s the only time my brain switches off.