Craig Weir plays with Gleadhraich and Craig Weir & The Cabalistic Cavalry as well as being a solo piper. His music travelogue Weir’s World: Mapping My Musical Memoirs is out in paperback now.

Best Beach

I’m so lucky that I get to travel as far and wide as I do because of music. In the past year, I’ve experienced some fantastic beaches. Coronado Beach in San Diego was a particular highlight and Carlisle Bay in Barbados too. Of we course have some stunning beaches in Scotland. I have such fond memories of growing up in and around Carnoustie so that is one of my favourites and St Andrews beach is stunning too. I hadn’t been to Stonehaven in some time until the summer there and the beach there is also looking lovely.

Best Building

Does Dens Park count as a building? If so, I’d say there. Over the years, there’s certainly been more pain than glory there but, it’s all character building and there have been some special moments too, of course. I do love going to watch Dundee FC. I don’t get as often as I’d like to with such a busy calendar. I look forward to seeing what happens as the plans for the new stadium progress.

Best Street

Buchanan Street in Glasgow is up there. I love seeing it bustling with people and hearing musicians busking and performing on that street. There are always lots of talented ones out there, trying to be heard, trying to find their audience. There’s often some good comedy value out there too. They do say People Make Glasgow! 

Best Childhood Memory

My favourite childhood memories are probably of spending time with my Great Granny Gordon and she truly was deserving of the Great at the start of her name. I’m very lucky in the sense that I have fond memories of three Great Grans. In fact, I have a treasured picture of being held as a baby by Great Granny Gordon, Great Granny Clark and Great Granny Mitchell and I’m sure there aren’t many who have that. I had the longest time with my Great Granny Gordon though and she was such an inspiration. I often credit her for my interest in music. She used to sit me on her knee as a child and bounce me up and down by singing all sorts of Scots songs and tunes. She literally drummed it into me.

Best Walk or Cycle

The cycle from Arbroath to V&A Dundee is just great. So much work has been done to make sure that the cycle paths are accessible and in good condition and it really has paid off as it is a lovely route to cycle.  

The Herald:

Best Shop

I am a big collector of vinyl records so for that reason it would have to be a record store and Assai Records in Dundee is my go-to. I love that vinyl has had such a resurgence in recent years because it feels so much more authentic and tangible when holding a physical product in your hands. I always find it so exciting going into record stores and it’s always so difficult to leave empty-handed which I rarely do. Assai Records are fantastic, and their staff are also so helpful and knowledgeable too which is amazing. 

Best Scottish Delicacy

There are just so many to choose from because I love them all. My partner, Jenny, is from Newcastle and moved to Scotland in April and it still surprises her as to how many delicacies we do have here in Scotland. It’s hard for me to see past haggis to be honest, I’d probably intersperse it into every meal if I could. Who doesn’t love a haggis pizza, ha! 

Best Cuppa

I recently accidentally ordered the most extraordinary coffee ever at Laila in Edinburgh. It was fantastic, but it even had gold flakes through it! You can’t go wrong with Heather Street Food, a little van outside V&A Dundee but Chris and his team are so attentive, and they always have seasonal specials. Their doughnuts are also amazing to pair with your coffee. I did recently visit Rose Arista in Pencaitland and that was an excellent coffee too. 

Best Place for Alone Time

That’s a hard one, but probably the walk along the Waterfront. The views over the Tay are stunning. It’s a great place to be. Generally, I do enjoy getting my headphones on and going running alone. It really helps to clear my mind.