Where is it?


Why do you go there?

The old adage "there's no place like home" rings true to me. I live and work on a farm in the Cotswolds where I was born and brought up. I love it. But if I could go anywhere else in the UK, it would be to the Hebrides.

We have friends on Islay who invited us up for a week and that's where I am speaking to you from. It is absolutely stunning.

I love wildlife. Where I live is landlocked in the middle of the Cotswolds, so to be on the coast and see the sea is fantastic.

We are going on a boat trip tonight. This afternoon we were out walking at an RSPB reserve and saw a golden eagle and hen harriers. I love the great outdoors and wide-open spaces. It is beautiful.

How often do you go?

I have visited the Hebrides a number of times while filming BBC Countryfile or with friends and family, but this is my first trip to Islay.

The Herald: Adam Henson presents Our Family Farm Rescue on Channel 5. Picture: Claire Wood/STV StudiosAdam Henson presents Our Family Farm Rescue on Channel 5. Picture: Claire Wood/STV Studios

How did you discover it?

Through our friends who invited us to stay. My partner loves similar things to me and we are having such a lovely, relaxing time.

On the first day, we went to the beach. We were the only people on the golden sands, looking out at the blue sea. I swam in the sea – it was cold. I got a little bit sunburned.

What's your favourite memory?

The wide-open spaces and the wildlife. Unspoilt landscapes. There are some wonderful farm animals here with first-class cattle and smart-looking sheep.

Who do you take?

My partner Charlie.

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What do you take?

A pair of binoculars each. A good camera. Suitable clothing for hot and cold weather. It doesn't matter if it is raining or horrible weather – stick the right gear on and get outside.

We are looking forward to a bike ride. We plan to get up early to go to a place where we have been told we might be lucky enough to see otters.

Charlie has never seen one and would love to. At the turn of the tides, the otters can be seen foraging on the shore.

What do you leave behind?

A heavy heart. We have five days on Islay. I would love to stay longer.

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Sum it up in five words.

An unspoilt majestic hidden gem.

What travel spot is on your post-lockdown wish list?

Devon and Cornwall. The Welsh coastline is gorgeous too. I love travelling to Europe and further afield. I would like to go on a sea safari. The Galapagos Islands are on my bucket list, but I will need to save up for a few years.

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