Where is it?

Harris (sorry, Lewis!).

Why do you go there?

I discovered Harris through charity work. It was love at first sight. You have mountains, some of the most stunning beaches in the world and seclusion – pure bliss.

How often do you go?

I've been back a few times for holidays and also to film my first ever episode of Sean's Scotland, so probably once every few years. It's such an amazing place to relax and unwind.

How did you discover it?

My love of Harris started when I went there as part of a cycling challenge that I had set myself for the STV Children's Appeal. They asked what I wanted to do, and I said: "How about I cycle from Lewis to South Uist? It can't be that hard."

I only let the production team know I hadn't been on a bike since I was a teenager when we were on the boat over there. There's a very steep climb as you enter Harris from Lewis. I have to admit that I got off the bike and walked as the sheep were going uphill quicker than me.

The Herald: Tarbert is the ferry port for Harris and the largest village on the island. Picture: Getty.Tarbert is the ferry port for Harris and the largest village on the island. Picture: Getty.

Although it was tough, I looked around me at the awesome scenery and instantly fell in love. The mountains slope down into long, sandy, secluded beaches – a dream place.

What's your favourite memory?

When I visited the Western Isles to film my first Sean's Scotland programme, the islands were experiencing their coldest and snowiest weather for many years. It was in January 2019 and we were filming between thunderstorms, snow, hail and strong winds – all the things a meteorologist loves.

It was quite a sight to see Harris's mountains covered in thick snow and almost blending in with the white sands of the beaches.

Who do you take?

I've been with friends over the years, but it is my mission to take my dog, especially because I named him Harris after falling in love with the place. I'd love to get a picture of him next to the "Welcome to Harris" sign.

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What do you take?

I would say my camera, but that's so 2002 … I make sure my phone is fully charged to take as many photographs as I can. I always take my waterproofs, but to be fair, the few times I've been in the summer, the weather has been fantastic. Trust me, if you can holiday there during a good spell of weather, you'll feel like you're in Barbados.

What do you leave behind?

I would love to say I left my phone and enjoyed the relaxation, but I always want to share the place when I'm there, so the phone is always with me.

The Herald: Seilebost Beach on Harris in the Outer Hebrides, looking over the Sound of Taransay and the Atlantic Ocean. Picture: GettySeilebost Beach on Harris in the Outer Hebrides, looking over the Sound of Taransay and the Atlantic Ocean. Picture: Getty

Whenever you go to any of the Scottish islands, you definitely leave stress behind. I always find that I start to reflect a lot. It's great to get a bit of head space and take some time out.

Sum it up in five words.

Beautiful. Relaxing. Friendly. Secluded. Beaches.

What other travel spot is on your wish list?

I have a love of cold holidays, as well as some warm, but I'm very much a winter person. I've taken winter holidays in Iceland and Tromso in the far north of Norway and loved them. I have plans to visit Svalbard – about as close as you can get to the North Pole – to go polar bear spotting.

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It's also a dream of mine to travel across Greenland to trek part of the ice sheet and visit some Inuit communities to experience their real connection with nature and wilderness.

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