Where is it?

Bow Fiddle Rock, near Portknockie, on the Moray coast.

Why do you go there?

It's a beautiful and dramatic sight. I love that the North Sea has carved this astonishing landmark out of the rock over countless years. I've heard that the rock, which gives the impression of the tip of a fiddle bow, was once a cave and the sea has eroded it over time to leave us with this impressive sight.

How often do you go?

At least once a year. But in all honesty, if I am ever in the area, I find any excuse I can muster to get myself across to it.

HeraldScotland: Bow Fiddle Rock, near Portknockie, on the Moray coastBow Fiddle Rock, near Portknockie, on the Moray coast

How did you discover it?

I was reading up on the Moray Coast Trail, saw a picture of it and just knew that I had to go there. I actually had to tack a section of the Moray Coast Trail onto my Speyside Way walk to ensure I clapped my eyes on the big beauty.

What's your favourite memory?

Probably most recently on the last stretch of my extended Speyside Way walk. The waves were battering in and it brought a great sense of excitement.

On a recent visit, although this isn't so much a favourite memory but memorable all the same, my pal Delane, who lives near Portknockie, arranged to meet me there.

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Unfortunately, on her way to the rock, she stumbled on a boulder and broke her ankle. A walker approached me and said: "Are you Iain?" When I asked why, they said: "There's a woman further up the path screaming for someone called Iain!"

Who do you take?

Anyone and everyone. My pal Joanne Gallagher was with me on my recent visit as we were filming the new series of Iain Robertson Rambles. Like all my rambles, I really enjoy sharing the path as often as I can to make braw memories with pals.

HeraldScotland: Iain Robertson presents BBC Scotland series Iain Robertson Rambles. Picture: ASC Media Production/ BBC ScotlandIain Robertson presents BBC Scotland series Iain Robertson Rambles. Picture: ASC Media Production/ BBC Scotland

I think that sharing these walks together really helps to bond and solidify friendships. So, if I am close by and the chum who I happen to be with has never seen it, you can rest assured that we're swinging by.

What do you take?

Waterproofs to protect against those aggressive waves and a camera to take even more photos of the rock to add to the great many already in my collection.

I've recently been getting into packrafting, so my hope is to visit one day when the North Sea is relatively calm, so I can paddle through the rock.

What do you leave behind?

Absolutely nothing, except maybe footprints.

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Sum it up in five words.

Breathtaking. Invigorating. Impressive. Romantic. Dramatic.

What other travel spot is on your wish list?

Hopefully a foreign beach in the blistering sun but failing that there's plenty of Scotland to explore.

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