They are the hair extensions that celebrities including Jennifer Lawrence and Lady Gaga turn to when they want to dial up the red carpet glamour.

Hairdreams has been around for 30 years, launched by Austrian Gerhard Ott who realised there were a lot of women who coveted thicker or longer hair.

The extensions on the market at that time were difficult to fit and damaging to natural hair.

Ott started a small business in his garage and it grew into a global leader.

There are lots of different extensions on the market but according to Stuart Whitelaw of Mesart Hair Design in Glasgow, what makes Hairdreams unique is that the hair has not been lightened or darkened - only toned - which means it is as close to natural hair as possible and therefore in mint condition.

The Herald:

The brand positions itself as one of the most ethical in the industry as hair is only sourced from adults who voluntarily donate it for payment and rates are fair.

It is volume that I am looking for, mainly. Like many women in their forties, my hair is not as thick as it once was which means I usually stick to a shoulder-length bob.

However, my last cut ended up a little shorter than I would like so I'm keen to restore a wee bit of length too while it grows down.

I've had tape extensions before and really liked the lighter feel compared to bonds but it's a very individual choice.

Hairdreams offer lots of options including microlines, which fill out the thin hair on the scalp and may be a good solution for those suffering from Alopecia.

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Hair extensions are not cheap but tapes are a bit more economical. Looked after well, they can last up to three months and be reapplied up to three times.

Depending on how many are used, expect to pay around £150-£200 for a refit after the initial outlay.

The Herald:

Stuart begins by washing and drying my hair, then gets to work applying around 40 tapes in total in around an hour (tapes are a faster application than bonds, which last up to six months).

After they are applied he cuts the hair up to about three inches below my shoulders.

The Herald:

One word of advice about hair extensions. You will leave the chair with fabulous-looking hair (pictured above) but unless you are taking the hairdresser home be prepared to put in a fair amount of effort to keep it looking salon swishy.

It can be a shock to suddenly have such a voluminous mane. After washing, the hair will have a slight wave and is just as likely to get frizzy in Scottish weather as your own without proper care.

The Herald:

I'm pretty low maintenance and often leave my locks to dry naturally and after a few days realise it's probably just a bit too much hair for me to manage, given my own styling skills are a bit lacking.

Stuart's appointments are like gold dust (Mesart also has a salon in Uddingston) but he kindly makes space for me to go back in and get a few tapes removed so it's a bit more manageable.

We've hit the right amount this time and I'm delighted with the result. If thinning hair is affecting your confidence, extensions are a great option as it doesn't take that many to make a big difference.

Hairdreams hair extensions at Mesart Hair Design, 234 Great Western Road, price on consultation.