This dish is easy enough to prepare and can be done well in advance to ensure stress free cooking. Even try it

for breakfast. The classic flavour marriage of rhubarb and rose

is one of my favourite ways to prepare rhubarb.



Serves 4


300g Rhubarb

5g Rose Water

300g Sugar

1 Vanilla Pod

4 Cardamom Pods

250g Greek Yoghurt

250g Milk

3 Sheets Gelatine


Start the recipe by placing the gelatine into

a large bowl and covering with cold water until soft and hydrated.

While the gelatine softens, place the milk i

nto a medium-sized saucepan along with

the cardamom pods and 100g of the

caster sugar. Place the pan on to a medium

heat and warm, split the vanilla pod and

scrape the seeds, place the vanilla

seeds and pod into the milk and bring to

the boil.

Once boiling remove from the heat and allow to rest on the side for 10 minutes, this will allow the flavours to infuse.

Remove the gelatine from the water and squeeze to remove any excess water. Now stir the gelatine into the warm milk and make sure it fully dissolves.

Now place the yoghurt into a mixing bowl and pour the milk mixture through a fine sieve onto the yoghurt.

Whisk well and pour evenly into four jelly moulds. Place the moulds into the refrigerator for 4-6 hours until set.

While the yoghurt is setting make the accompanying rhubarb, take the remaining 200g of sugar and place into a large saucepan with the rosewater and 400g of water, bring this to a simmer.

Take the rhubarb and cut into 5cm x 2cm even-sized batons , place into the pot and place a lid on it, remove from the heat and allow to stand for 30 minutes before removing the lid, this should ensure the rhubarb is cooked and still holds its shape.

When the yoghurt is set dip the jelly

moulds into a pot of warm water and then

turn upside down on to plates, arrange the rhubarb around and pour over the juices

before serving.