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The use of massage dates back thousands of years. The earliest documented use of the practice as a medical treatment was in India around 3000 BC. Since then it has become a cornerstone of physical therapy across the world, with countries such as Thailand, Sweden and Turkey developing signature styles that have been adopted by treatments centres and spas globally. 

The popularity of massage in western medicine has led to many clinical studies assessing its benefits. Some of the medical issues proven to be improved by massage include:

  • Depression – massage reduces cortisol levels, the hormone associated with stress.
  • Immune system – massage increases white blood cells which fight against disease.
  • Inflammation – just 10 minutes of massage can help to relieve sore muscles.
  • Improves sleep – massage affects the delta waves, which are associated with deep sleep.

The Herald:

One of the most popular uses of massage is for treating injuries and pains inflicted by sport. We spoke to Glasgow Warriors and Scottish Rugby star, Jamie Bhatti, to find out what he thinks about the benefits of massages.

What do you think are the main benefits of massage?

“I think massage is one of the most important parts of my routine. It is useful both before a game to loosen my muscles and afterwards to soothe my aches it pains. It also helps me to relax and take my head off rugby, especially in a stunning location like Trump Turnberry.”

The Herald: Trump Turnberry SpaTrump Turnberry Spa

The Spa at Trump Turnberry 

How often do you receive a massage?

“As much as possible ideally, but I make sure to have at least one a week. It definitely helps to have a good therapist that knows your body and physical issues.”

The Herald: Turnberry Spa ReceptionTurnberry Spa Reception

Where is your favourite place to get a massage?

“I really enjoy the spa experience and the quality of both the treatment and the products used at The Spa at Turnberry are first class. The rooms are clean and smell amazing, the therapists are very experienced and I always leave feeling great.”

The Herald:

How do you maximise the benefits of a massage?

“I try to stay hydrated to help flush out the toxins from my body. I also find that I recover from my workouts quicker if I have a massage after them, so I try to plan them into my schedule. Using the right products also helps to get the most out of the treatment. The ESPA Muscle Rub used in the Strength and Resilience Treatment at Turnberry is one of my favourites for soothing aches & pains.”

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