July 5.As a member of the Glasgow Phoenix Choir for over 30 years I

was interested to read Osborne Carrie's letter (June 29) regarding the

omission of Peter Mooney's name in Tom McArthur's article (June 22). Mr

Mooney was one of three conductors before Peter Shand took over in

September, 1986: Robert Howie for four years, Peter Mooney for 28 years,

and John Cranston for two-and-a-half years. Each contributed his time,

skill, and dedication to the high standard of choral singing achieved by

the choir over the past 38 years.

Far from belittling Peter Mooney's contribution, Tom McArthur was

mainly concerned with the exciting times in which the choir is engaged:

a highly successful 10-day tour of Remscheid, Enger, and Paderborn in

West Germany at Easter; recent concerts in the Carnegie Hall,

Dunfermline, and Dornoch Cathedral; and the recent prestigious concert

in Glasgow Cathedral at which the Phoenix Choir participated in the

world premier of John Surman's Jazz Festival performance of ''Ovation''.

I am sure Tom McArthur intended no offence by omitting Peter Mooney's

name which is perpetuated by the Peter Mooney Scholarship for Voice

Training, instituted in the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama,

Glasgow, soon after his death in 1983, and funded by the choir.

Robert Provan,

Hon. Vice-President,

Glasgow Phoenix Choir.