AUSTRALIA'S Tristan Nancarrow stormed off court yesterday after he was

penalised the last point of his second-round match against the

top-seeded Jansher Khan in the Hong Kong Open championships.

Playing his first tournament since serving a three-month ban for

misbehaviour at the British Open last April, Nancarrow had been on his

best behaviour during the tight tussle but lost his temper at the end.

Pakistan's Jansher won the first two games 15-8, 15-12 but was pushed

to 14-14 in the third. The match ended when referee Chris Clark ruled

Nancarrow had obstructed Jansher and penalised the Australian a point.

The No.2 seed Chris Dittmar, of Australia, was in devastating form

against England's Mark Cairns winning the first-round match 15-4, 15-1,

15-7 in only 28 minutes.

England's Jamie Hickox recorded one of the best wins of his career

when he beat former world champion Ross Norman (New Zealand) 15-11,

3-15, 15-11, 11-15, 15-7.