THE latest phase in Dundee's City of Discovery image-building campaign

was unveiled yesterday with the announcement of a series of events to

mark the city's 800th anniversary in 1991.

The Dundee 800 programme is being backed by Dundee District Council

and aims to attract international visitors and investment to the city,

but will also have a strong community involvement.

Celebrations will begin with a televised Hogmanay party from the

waterfront, and will continue through the year with a string of concerts

and festivals including a 4th of July Independence Day rodeo in the City

Square and an international fashion show.

Dundee 800 director Ms Henny King hopes to put Dundee on the

international stage. She said: ''We will be retracing the adventures of

Dundee through its 16 namesake places throughout the world, as well as

making contact with those areas where Dundee's initiative, enterprise

and investment played a crucial role.''

The Dundee 800 symbol to be used on all events is a stylised design

taken from a seventeenth century town plan. The logo has been produced

by Baillie Marshall Design, whose offer to donate the design costs to

the project makes it Dundee 800's first sponsor.