THE new broom at Falkirk, in the shape of owners George Deans, Wilson

Young, and chairman David Holmes, finally went into overdrive last night

with the sacking of manager Billy Lamont.

And this despite Lamont's record of only two league defeats since he

took over during the club's crisis at the end of November after Jim

Duffy had quit because of player problems.

A stunned Lamont -- brought in to quell what seemed to be a dressing

room revolt, in which he was successful -- arrived at Brockville last

night ''armed with new ideas to build on what has been achieved.''

Part of the official statement last night read: ''At the meeting of

the board of Falkirk FC, directors gave consideration to the future

direction of the club, in particular to the need to have a full-time

team manager. To enable such an appointment, it was agreed to terminate

Billy Lamont's part-time appointment. It was agreed that the team coach

would take charge for the three games still to be played in the current


This means that once again Dom Sullivan is left holding the baby for

the second time this season.