March 30.As one who could be considered a member of the early alumni

of Hutchesons' when the school was in Crown Street, Glasgow, I am at a

loss to know where the Diary (March 27) gets its information. I had

never heard of St Bonaventure till Tuesday's Diary, and I never remember

shouting ''Billy Dan or kick the can.''

We used to play football in the playground, and when the tanner ba'

went ower the wa' we had many a scuffle to retrieve it, but it was

strictly a non-sectarian scuffle.

I would deplore the merger of rugby clubs which is under discussion.

GHK is a poor substitute for Glasgow High School FP and Kelvinside

Academicals, and I notice that Hillhead/Jordanhill are being called

''the Hills.'' I'm sure many of the players of the famous Hillhead High

School FP sides of the thirties will be cringing or turning in their

graves at that one.

We have too many composite, faceless sides. Mo Johnston can do what he

likes, but keep Hutchesons' as Hutchesons' or, better still, as

Hutchesons' Grammar School FP. I'm sure the brothers George and Thomas

would agree.

Tom Dewar,

211 Manse Road,